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NoBrand Learn to Play Blues Piano #3-Boogie-Woogie and Slow Blues

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David Cohen takes beginning and intermediate pianists beyond the basics and into the colorful flavors, foot-stomping syncopations and old-time funky f...

NoBrand Musicpro Guides: Sonar Home Studio XL, Version 7 - Beginner/Intermediate Level

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The Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition

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The introduction of the Porsche 901 in 1963 marked a milestone in automotive history. Although the name later had to be changed because Peugeot had pa...

Farm Tractors on the Move

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Beginning readers will enjoy the success they experience when they read about farm tractors. Vivid photographs and lively text introduce this high-int...

Lisario o el placer infinito de las mujeres / Lisario or infinite pleasure of women

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Napoles, siglo XVII. Lisario Morales es una joven subdita de noble cuna del Virreinato espanol que lee a escondidas a Cervantes y escribe cartas a la ...

Please Don't Feed the Vampire!

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In a story with more than twenty possible endings, readers are placed in the character of a young person who acquires a vampire kit capable of transfo...

Axel Gabe's Adventure in Angeles City: Grown Up Lessons for Our Children

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Axel Gabes' Adventure is a picturebook about a three year old boy going through his normal life and looking at it as an adventure. As he goes through ...

El paᄀs de la canela / The Country of Cinnamon

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Gaspar de Carvajal joins a disastrous expedition, lead at first by Gonzalo Pizarro and later by Francisco de Orellana, from Peru into the Amazon jungl...

Copp for Hire, a Joe Copp Thriller: Joe Copp Private Eye Series

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Copp For Hire, the first of the Joe Copp, Private Eye thrillers, is a high tension, fast-moving story all the way, with Copp always in the eye of the ...

Along the Infinite Sea

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CD/Spoken Word, Penguin Group USA, 2015, ISBN13 9781611764550, ISBN10 1611764556